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Eco Tech is a specialist supplier in environmentally compliant water containment wash bays, wash water recycling, filtration and waste water treatment systems.

Innovative solutions

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products providing innovative solutions to compliment the demands of vehicle wash bays, equipment wash downs, decontamination wash pads and quarantine units. 

Environmental and cost effective

Our clients are provided with environmental and cost effective wash water and waste water treatment solutions to suit the specific needs of their applications. 

We are the inventors and sole suppliers of the unique patented Modular Mobile Wash Bay to Industry, plant hire companies, large fleet operators and independent car wash operators.

To enable our clients to reach stringent environmental targets for washbay waste water and to maximize washbay water recovery, reuse by reclaiming and recycling, we supply high quality wash water recycling equipment, oil separators, oil emulsification removal systems. These systems can all work in concord with our mobile wash platforms independently or contained in a turn key equipment plant room unit.

Self contained waste water disposal

Our wash bay meets all the latest environmental requirements as they are completely self-contained in terms of drainage and waste water disposal. The wash bays can be designed to form closed loop wash systems.  Modular construction the washbay systems can be set up quickly and easily at any site.

Existing wash bay facilities can be adapted or we can offer new wash bay equipment for permanent or concrete wash bays or modular steel systems.  All waste wash water can be environmentally treated to save you disposal costs.

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